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Legends & Vibes is a one-hundred percent vegan and environmentally conscious fashion label committed to dismantling animal enterprises through fashion. Our mission is simple — To design exquisite clothing that radiates, elevates, and liberates fashion from the inhumane use of animal skins as fabric.

All of our pieces combine stunning design with sustainability to match our ethics; using innovative animal alternatives combined with vintage, repurposed and recycled materials that we source locally. Our designs are created with a unique mix of sophisticated edge and feminine glamour finished with soft Southern California style for the modern fearless female.

We believe that style should not only make a statement, but tell a story of what someone stands for. For us, that stems directly from the pillars we stand on. We stay intimately involved in every level of production, ensuring that our ethics are never compromised while maintaining the highest level of quality.

To bring it all home, each of our styles is named after a street right here in our hometown of Venice, California where so many unique voices with bold, creative ideas got their start.



We love animals and want the very best for them. Our fabrics, trims, accessories do not contain any animal parts or by-products. No animals were harmed or used in any phase of our production.


Our styles are made locally in Los Angeles. This allows us to stay intimately involved in every level of production, adhere to USA labor laws, support the local economy, and minimize our carbon footprint.


We believe that the cost of a garment is more than its price. We use innovative animal alternatives, combined with vintage, repurposed and recycled materials that we source locally. By minimizing waste, water, and energy resources we can combat the negative impacts of animal agriculture and fast fashion.


Thoughtful decisions were made into the human and environmental impact of our production. We are committed to ensuring that our workers are happy, treated fairly, not exposed to dangerous or harmful working conditions, and paid a fair and living wage.


We are an entirely women-run company. We’re committed to supporting women and giving them equal opportunities. This helps close the gender pay gap, inspire leadership, and create more positions of power for women.


For us, it all starts with the materials. With the level of animal cruelty stacked so high, there are a lot of materials we have to avoid, but we don’t see it as a limitation. We see it as an exciting opportunity to use superior innovative textiles and renewable resources.



Natural fibers are from nature, not labs. They are a renewable resource, biodegradable, and carbon neutral. Natural fibers come from plant sources like cotton, hemp, flax, and linen.



These plant fibers are transformed into pure cellulose. They’re often made from cotton linters (the waste in cotton production) and wood pulp. They include cotton, linen, bamboo, and hemp.



Deadstock is the excess fabric from mills, garment factories, and bigger brands buying more than they need. Instead of creating more waste, we turn these bolts of fabric into limited collections.



We try to work with organic cotton whenever possible because it is a better use of water, and doesn’t expose toxins to the workers, environment, and the consumers that wear them.



A closed-loop process that extracts and converts the waste from cellulose fibers into reusable materials. Cupro, tencel, modal, and lyocell have the lowest environmental impact.


Eco-fashion is so much more than what something is made of. It extends into how those materials are sourced and repurposed. Millions of tons of discarded clothing and textiles are sent to landfills every year. We understand that producing more clothing has an impact, so we are always looking forward at what we can do to minimise our impact, and create a positive change.


We have adopted a closed-loop production system that tackles both pre-consumer and post-consumer waste. Closed-loop production is essentially circular fashion where new becomes old and nothing is discarded. 

  • Pre-consumer waste is the industry waste that is created before it gets to the customer.

  • Post-consumer waste is the waste created by the consumer when they decide that an outfit just isn’t working out. 


We are fortunate to live in a time when more and more people are becoming keenly aware of the impact they are having on the world around them through the consumer choices that they make. Our goal is to be a leader in that fight by propelling this underlying movement of sustainability to its next logical step; the inclusion of the well-being of animals.

The fashion industry is currently one of the world’s leading contributors to world-wide pollution, through material and water waste. We have entered an era nightmarishly close to what the United Nations call, “a critical point of no return on climate change.” 

It is also one of the largest supporters of factory farming, where animals are raised in horrific conditions specifically for their fur, feathers, and skin. Animal agriculture even surpassed oil as the top polluting industry in the last year. So, when it comes to sustainability in fashion we cannot ignore the elephant in the room; factory farms. We are living in a society that is built on the backs of animals as a commodity, and we’re going to change that.

Not only are the environment and animals being punished for the demand fast fashion creates; the workers and craftsmen within the system are being forced to work in poor conditions while receiving minimal compensation.

We aim to create systemic change in the fashion industry.  


In addition to using recycled deadstock fabric, we began experimenting with ways to repurpose our own scraps. Then it dawned on us. Let’s create REBELIVES, a sister line to Legends & Vibes that is made entirely from renewable resources. We cut, clip, crop, dye, and patch unwanted clothing and excess materials into one-of-a-kind streetwear. We utilize any excess material from our own line, collect clothing from recycle houses, and offer 20% off to our customers that drop off their old denim.

Patterns are essential to clothing production, but the pattern cutting process itself is inherently wasteful with roughly 15-30% of the bolt of fabric being lost during the cut. It’s like cutting construction paper shapes. You can’t make a pattern without scraps. 

We utilize any excess material from our own line, collect clothing from recycle houses, and offer 20% off to our customers that drop off their old denim.

Consumer waste isn’t just excess, it’s a quality issue. The easiest way to tackle clothing waste is to make clothes that last. When clothes are made well with soft, durable, and flattering fabrics, you wear them more often and keep them longer.


Vegan fashion is clothing and accessories that are made from non-animal derived fabrics and materials. The obvious animal materials vegans avoid are fur, leather, suede, silk, or wool. Animal by-products are sneaky and can be found fashion trims and accessories. Down feathers from ducks and geese are often used as the filling in jackets and pearl, shell, horn, and ivory can be found in buttons.



We believe in exposing and shattering harmful myths, re-writing herstory to inspire new legends, while using our code of ethics as a guide for positive change.


The empowered feeling of wearing our clothes, and the reverberations that vegan fashion will have for animals, people, and the planet.


We are an entirely women owned and operated company. We’re not worried about boy cooties, but we do believe in women supporting women. We’ve built a strong team working towards the collective goal of creating a more sustainable world through our everyday actions, and more importantly, our working environment. We like to have fun and get things done.  

We’re not new to the fashion industry. Our founder is the owner of Vegan Scene, a 100% vegan fashion boutique in Venice, California. Our production and development team has 20 years of combined experience working in the fashion industry. We've got the right stuff to make this happen.