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We love animals and want the very best for them. Our fabrics, trims, accessories do not contain any animal parts or by-products. No animals were harmed or used in any phase of our production.


Our styles are made locally in Los Angeles. This allows us to stay intimately involved in every level of production, adhere to USA labor laws, support the local economy, and minimize our carbon footprint.


We believe that the cost of a garment is more than its price. We use innovative animal alternatives, combined with vintage, repurposed and recycled materials that we source locally. By minimizing waste, water, and energy resources we can combat the negative impacts of animal agriculture and fast fashion.


Thoughtful decisions were made into the human and environmental impact of our production. We are committed to ensuring that our workers are happy, treated fairly, not exposed to dangerous or harmful working conditions, and paid a fair and living wage.


We are an entirely women-run company. We’re committed to supporting women and giving them equal opportunities. This helps close the gender pay gap, inspire leadership, and create more positions of power for women.



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